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Creating Your Calm: How to Craft Your Perfect Zen Space at Home


Creating Your Calm: How to Craft Your Perfect Zen Space at Home

Life gets busy - I know it! The pace, the pressure, the responsibilities, THE OVERWHELM! As much as we want things to always be calm and collected, it isn’t always the case. And you know what? That's okay! We're just human after all, and even for the most balanced folks, some days can feel a little bit out of our control, or just a little bit overwhelming.

It’s in these moments - I think it's important to make your home (or even a part of your home) a ZEN SPACE - a sort of emotional sanctuary. To me, it’s my escape. A space I find my calm and quiet, or just a little corner to treat my emotional and spiritual needs. 

Here are some ways I make my zen space at home, maybe it can help you make yours too!


  1. Separate it from your workspace & make it special

I strongly believe in the power of conditioning when it comes to creating safe spaces. Think about it: office setups work for a reason. They incorporate specific chairs, meeting spaces, and boards to activate your thinking in a particular direction. Temples and churches automatically fill you with a sense of calm. I feel the same way about relaxation spaces at home. By separating the vibe, aesthetic, and even the location, you can help your brain switch gears more effectively, channel your energy and concentrate better on relaxation.


  1. Incorporate nature - she makes you heal!

Believe me when I say Nature was designed to heal us. The presence of plants, the scent of soil and even the colour green - harmoniously tune into our senses! So don’t forget to enhance your zen space with nature. Add indoor plants like succulents or ferns for air purification and vitality or lavender to reduce stress. If you don’t have a specific one in mind, any indoor plant is helpful. (Remember, to keep ample sunlight, and nurture your plants with care for good energy)

  1. Soft lighting (moody yellow lights for the win)

Personal preference - but soft yellow lights really make my space transform. I suggest trying to create a serene atmosphere with warm-coloured bulbs and dimmer lights. If you don’t have yellow lights - Use candles or fairy lights for a soft, calming glow that enhances relaxation without overwhelming the space.


  1. Incorporate meditation tools - sound bowls, chimes, crystals

Enhance meditation with a comfortable cushion or yoga mat for seating. Use crystals or incense, or add sound tools like singing bowls or chimes if you want some good energy to tune in. Meditation tools help build your focus, and channel your energy in the right direction. Remember, you want to find the tool that resonates best with you! Keep a journal or affirmation cards for reflection.


  1. If you just want a comfy space - use soft textiles and engage in a hobby that calms you (without digital devices)

To make your zen space extra comfy, throw in some soft textiles like blankets, cushions, and pillows. A cozy, natural fiber rug can really define the area, and adding curtains or drapes will help soften the edges and make it feel super cozy. Trust me, it’ll feel like a snug little retreat in no time!


  1. Use aromatherapy!!

One thing I absolutely love for creating a calming space is using aromatherapy with some truly magical scents. Trust me, lighting up some incense bricks of frankincense, benzoin, myrrh, or copal can transform your entire vibe. These scents are not only soothing but they also have a rich, earthy aroma that can help you feel grounded and peaceful. Just light one up, sit back, and let the fragrance envelop you. It's like a little ritual that signals your brain to relax and unwind.

In the hustle and bustle of life, it’s essential to have a place where you can retreat, recharge, and find peace amidst the chaos. Your zen space at home can be just that - a sanctuary where you can reconnect with yourself, center your thoughts, and replenish your spirit. So take the time to create a space that speaks to you, one that nurtures your soul and brings you the serenity you deserve. After all, in this fast-paced world, finding moments of calm is truly a gift to cherish.


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