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Sunset ritual with Nag Champa


Sunset ritual with Nag Champa

In summer, we love the long, warm summer evenings, sun-drenched beach days and backyard barbecues. We are thrilled to share 4 sunset rituals with you as summer is still around the corner, using Aromafume’s 100% natural essential oils and essential oil blends, alongside the sunshine. 


1. Magical summer evenings: Summer is the best time of the year to practise self-care, so give yourself a little extra TLC with Aromafume’s natural essential oils such as Lemon Grass, Geranium, Eucalyptus, and Tea tree during the summer months. These varieties of oils can be used with our custom oil burner to unwind your day. Try our calming essential oils like Frankincense and Nag Champa to soothe your senses at the end of the day. During this time of spirituality and connection, taking care of oneself, establishing intentions, and taking the time to reflect are equally vital.


2. Sunset Bath Ritual: Add 6-8 drops of our Palo Santo essential oil blend to your bath to eliminate unpleasant energy. The citrusy scent that it leaves behind will uplift when inhaled. To further enhance the calming effect of this sunset bath, add some aromatic flower petals.


3. Sunset Journal Journey: Take some reviving Root Chakra (Muladhara)  Essential Oil  to your garden, backyard or the beach on the days when the sun is appreciated the most. These refreshing scents will transport you to a state of mind which will enable you to journal with greater depth and embrace fresh starts.


4.Self-love: Spend your day unwinding at sunset while engaging in meditation, a practice that helps to reduce modern stress and improve mental acuity, clarity and stability. Apply our calming essential oil roll-ons on your pulse points, such as - Nag Champa or the Myrrh roll-on blend. Get settled in a peaceful area of your choice, maintain your composure, and take the time to self-reflect and repeat your self-love affirmations out loud.

-End your day by adding drops on a cotton ball under your pillow

-Meditate and then sleep with the subtle scent of  Eucalyptus.



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