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Set of 2 White Sage + SandalWood EO Blend Roll On 10ml

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White Sage & Sandalwood Essential Oil Roll-On Blend (2 x 10ml)

Apply to induce: Alertness, Good Vibrations & Peace

Scent Profile: Clean, Earthy, and Woody

Aromafume’s White Sage & Sandalwood Essential Oil Roll-On Blend uses natural Sage (Botanical Name: Salvia apiana) extracts with Sandalwood (Botanical Name: Santalum album). This beautiful blend has been created to combine the healing and magical powers of Sage and Sandalwood. Smudging Sage in bundles purifies a space of negative vibrations, and invites love, light, and positivity into the home. When applied, sage purifies and  Sandalwood increases spiritual awareness whilst resonating good energy.

White sage, also known as sacred sage, is an evergreen shrub widely known for its herbal and healing properties. When combined with Sandalwood, it offers alternate benefits that go beyond a soothing smell. Aromatic Sandalwood calms anxiety and promotes improved mental health and wellness. 

Use it as a roll-on on the wrist and your pulse points. Experience the calmness with Aromafume Essential Oils, made using a traditional recipe with the help of sustainably sourced natural ingredients.