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Magic Lavender Incense Bricks Refill Pack

Smokeless Magic Lavender Incense Bricks | Herbal & fresh scent to induce relaxation & meditation bliss | Blend of Pure Lavender extracts, husk & flower

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Original price $16.99
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Product Contents:

  • 3 trays x 9 bricks each
  • 3 complimentary trial brick sachets

Used for: Calmness, Relaxation & Meditation Bliss

Smells Like: Herbal & Fresh

Scent profile: Pure Lavender Extract, Husk & Flower

Key Benefits:

  • The aromatic blend has a strong sillage in spaces & fabrics.
  • Ideal for relaxation, meditation, yoga & rituals.
  • Infuse your space with positivity, without any smoke or residue ash.
  • 100% Vegan & cruelty free.

Lavender is a scent synonymous with relaxation, unwinding, and easing oneself into calmness. Aromafume’s Magic Lavender Incense Bricks are made with Multiple parts of the lavender shrub, in addition to the extract and flower - with unique aromatic properties harnessing the goodness of Lavender.This soft floral aroma will accentuate your meditative experience or just let you get lost in a good book or enjoy some self-reflective time.

Customer Reviews

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Kim Nicoll
Did not get everything

I ordered a kit with a burner but never received it.
Kim Nicoll

Dear Kim,

We believe customer service has gotten in touch with you and resolved this issue. We hope you have now received all your packages. Please let us know if you face any other challenges. We are committed to delivering a positive user experience ♥

Love and Light,
Team Aromafume

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