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Set of 5 Feng Shui Roll On (Earth+Fire+Metal+Water+Wood)

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5 Feng Shui Elements Essential Oil Roll-on Blend Set

A gift of discovery, our Feng Shui Essential Oil Roll-on Blend Set is a pre-curated set of Feng Shui Essential Oil Roll-on blends designed to align the energies in the spaces and within. It ensures the well-being of the mind and body. The recipes of each of the five-element roll-ons is a delicate balance of natural materials which will resonate positive energy and use scent to achieve a fabulous flow of energy in the home. The application diffuses an aroma that soothes the senses and stimulates Chi. Perfect for gifting, this set will ground you, protect you, relax you, and add an element of joy to your life!

Feng Shui is an ancient practice that enhances well-being by promoting a good flow of energy in a space. There is a powerful relationship between aromatherapy and Feng Shui as both disciplines work on restoring energy levels to create a positive shift in one’s well-being. Positive scents not only raise the chi, but also can relate directly to particular emotions. The feng shui - element blends created by Aromafume are inspired by the yin and yang qualities of the five elements in Feng Shui.

Use it as a roll-on on the wrist and your pulse points. Experience the calmness with Aromafume Essential Oils, made using a traditional recipe with sustainably sourced natural ingredients