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Buy 2 or more - Get 5% off (Code: AROMAFUME)
Buy 2 or more - Get 5% off (Code: AROMAFUME)

Benzoin Incense Bricks & Flower of Life Burner

Benzoin Resin Incense Bricks & Flower of Life Exotic Burner | 2 Trays x 9 bricks

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Burn to induce: Purification, Blessings, and Prosperity

Scent Profile: Sweet, Warm, Strong Undertones of Vanilla

Used traditionally as a church incense, Benzoin is a vanilla-like rich gum resin obtained from the bark of the Styrax tree, native to Indonesia. The fragrance of Benzoin Resin benefits the mind by alleviating stress, grief, and panic. Aromafume’s Benzoin Resin Incense Bricks are packed with the richness of natural oils and resin extracts obtained from the barks of the trees from South East Asia. It promotes peace and personal power and helps one focus during prayer and meditation.

Our Benzoin Incense bricks diffuse a woody, vanilla-like fragrance, creating a tranquilizing environment that helps you attain a feeling of peace and overall wellness!

Use this low-smoke, non-toxic incense by placing a brick on the copper plate of our custom exotic burner and lighting a tea light candle below it. These bricks are traditionally prepared using sustainably sourced natural Resins for their aromatic and cleansing properties.