Contains : 1 Bakhoor oil bottle with dropper cap


Dukhni Oud Al Jameel Bakhoor Oil is a delicate well balanced blend of first press rose petal extract and agarwood oil. The hypnotic aroma of crushed rose petals combined with the luxurious, rich oils of agarwood create a well-balanced symphony that evokes a scintillating romance! This fine symphony is associated with feelings of relaxation and love. The captivating rose experience is juxtaposed with agarwood and rich amber providing a complete fragrant transformation. Dukhni bakhoor oils can be used in any space and spreads generously to emit a long lasting, natural smelling aroma.


Dukhni Bakhoor and Oils are produced by a family owned company founded in 1900 with lineage extending over 5 generations in incense and perfumery products. The product's secret recipe has been passed down from several generations. They are a combination of the age old art of natural home fragrance with a contemporary flair

Oud Al Jameel Diffuser Oil (15ml)

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    • Oil Dropper In Cap
    • Burn with T-Light
    • 15 ml Bottle
    • 2 Hour Burn Time
    • Long Lasting | Non Toxic | Natural Aroma
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Aromafume : Incense, Airfreshener, Diffuser Oil, Chakra, Dosha, Burners