Aromafume Naturals is an India based brand offering pure and natural botanical oils and safe and effective natural cosmetics to consumers across the world. We take a holistic approach to healing using the natural resources that the Earth provides us with and source the finest quality natural essential oils and carrier oils. We understand the need for skincare that keeps its promises and are constantly in search of wonderful natural ingredients to enhance natural beauty. Aromafume Naturals offers a collection of nature-inspired beauty and personal care products for heightened health and wellness and to improve the quality of the spaces we live in. Aromafume Naturals 100% Pure and Natural Orange Essential Oil has a sweet, citrus smell much like the orange peels (rind) it is derived from, only more intense and concentrated. Cold pressed from the rind of the Orange to create an essential oil that is 100% pure and natural. Orange is known for its wonderful aroma that is fresh, citrusy, and similar to a fresh picked orange. This aroma is cheerful, uplifting, and energizing; perfect when times of worry, tension, or sadness are affecting you. Organic Orange is a favorite to add to blends due to its sweet aroma and wonderful ability to blend well with other essential oils. It is another great choice to help support a normal function of the immune system. How to use Aromafume Naturals Essential Oils: For use on skin or hair, dilute essential oil in carrier oil and massage in. Essentials oils can also be diluted by mixing a few drops into shampoo, body wash, bath water or cleaning product. Add a few drops to water reservoir of diffuser or humidifier for room aromatherapy use. 100% pure & natural therapeutic grade essential oil. No fillers ��� pure natural oil. Our oils are by far the most effective on the market. The 4oz bottle is delivered with a premium quality dropper for ease-of-use.

Citronella 100% Natural Essential Oil (10ml)

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