Aromafume Chakra Perfume Oil Roll On Set (Ajna, Vishuddha, Anahata, Manipura, Muladhara) Description: The 6th chakra situated deep within the brain just above the nose bridge at brow level is aptly known as the Third Eye Chakra. It allows us to focus on our inner & outer worlds and is a powerful center of intuition. Our common senses help us feel our way through life, but intuition is a very strong sense to make an innately right decision. Invigorating this chakra improves clarity of thought and spiritual insights. Gems: Amethyst, Azurite, Lapis lazuli.The 5th Chakra is situated deep within the throat and controls the vital areas around the neck and mouth. It is the center for expression and includes listening as well as verbalization of our emotions, thoughts and feelings. Alignment of this chakra improves our ability to express in a higher form of communication with the confidence to authentically speak what is truly in our hearts and minds.The 4th Chakra a.k.a. the heart chakra is at the center of our seven chakras and is located in a pure spiritual place in the center of the chest - the meeting point of spiritual and physical energies. Anahata in essence allows us to deeply understand empathy and compassion. Alignment of this chakra will help us to internalize our responses to hurt with love and compassion. And by emotionally allowing negative energies to pass we are more open to loving ourselves and others. Gems: Emerald, Malachite, Jade, Rose Quartz. The 3rd Chakra also known as the Solar Plexus Chakra is located in the area of the navel. A prominent source of inner power, this chakra enhances our self esteem and also controls digestion and metabolic activity of the body. Alignment of the Manipura is deeply important for setting our goals, desires and intentions and gaining the self motivation and strength to achieve them. Gems: Yellow Topaz, Golden Yellow Labradorite The 1st Chakra is located on the pelvic floor towards the base of the spine.

Chakra Roll on set (Ajna, Vishuddha, Anahata, Manipura, Muladhara) 6 ml each

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