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Scent Guide

Across the globe, there are over 1,000 scents waiting to be explored.

 Lets learn about them.


Smells Like: Walking through a lush garden on a warm spring day. Each inhalation brings a soft and pleasant wave of fragrance, reminiscent of roses, jasmine, lilies, or other blossoms.
Leaves you feeling: Uplifted, captivated & light-hearted, as if nature gave you a gentle hug.


Smells Like: The comforting scent of a log cabin, surrounded by the earthy aroma of trees and a crackling fireplace.
Leaves you feeling: Grounded and relaxed


Smells Like: Taking a leisurely walk through lush meadows filled with aromatic herbs.

Leaves you feeling: Energized, revitalized, and in touch with the vitality of the outdoors.

Fruity & Citrus

Smells Like: A picnic into a sunlit orchard, where the air is filled with the tangy sweetness of freshly, ripe & vibrant fruits.
Leaves you feeling: Refreshed and energized


Smells Like: The sweetness of a delicious treat or the warmth of a cozy dessert.
Leaves you feeling: Happy, Comforting and indulgent

Spicy & Resinous

Smells Like: Wandering through a forest, where the air carries the spicy kick of cloves and the resinous warmth of tree sap.
Leaves you feeling: Grounded & Calm