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Dragon Blood Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

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Dragons Blood Essential Oil Diffuser Blend ( 3 x 10ml )

Burn to induce:  Protection, Positivity, and Productivity

Scent profile: Sweet, Soft, and Fruity

Dragon’s blood is a dark red resin from the tree called Dracaena Cinnabari, or Dragon Tree, native to Socotra in Yemen & Southeast Asia. This magical resin has many medicinal, spiritual, and healing properties. Aromafume Dragon's Blood Essential Oil Diffuser Blend leaves a distinctly fruity aroma, unique to the red super-resin. It is infused with aromatic compounds like Orange, Green Apple, Jasmine and Patchouli essential oils with undertones of Musk, Cedar wood, and Peach. This heavenly fragrance can be used to enhance productivity and is therefore perfect for your home, office space or study areas.

On application, the rich aroma of Dragon’s Blood Diffuser creates a positive atmosphere that will calm you, relaxing your senses. It is known to induce protection from negativity and is ideal for rituals. The aroma can help replenish spiritual energies and elevate your mood. 

Add 8-10 drops of the oil to water and burn it using a candle/electric based diffuser. Aromafume Essential Oils are made using a traditional recipe with the help of sustainably sourced natural ingredients. Each fragrance is derived from various combinations of aromatic extracts, botanical extracts and essential oils