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White Sage Essential Oil Gift Set

White Sage Essential Oil Blends for cleansing & purification | Ethically Sourced White Sage combined with Palo Santo, Rose, Frankincense, Sandalwood & Lavender

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Product Contents:

  • White Sage Essential Oils - 6 x 0.33 fl oz Bottles

Burn to induce: Grounding, Purity, Intimacy, and Protection

White sage, also known as sacred sage, is an evergreen shrub widely known for its herbal and healing properties. It is traditionally combined with a range of herbs, woods, and plants for various purposes. Aromafume's White Sage Essential Oil Diffuser Blend is blended using sustainably sourced natural ingredients which harness the powers of natural materials without depleting the environment.

A gift of discovery, our pre-curated set contains six blends that are made with love to heal and bless. White Sage will purify, ground, and calm the mind. Rose & Sage accentuates intimacy, sensuality, and positivity. Lavender & Sage will relax, protect & calm the mind. Sage & Sandalwood will promote improved mental health and wellness. Sage & Palo Santo will rebuke negativity and facilitate an emotional detox. When mixed with Frankincense, Sage provides a therapeutic boost that relaxes, relieves, and leaves you with a positive mindset.

Add 8-10 drops of the oil to the water and burn it using a candle/electric-based diffuser. Thus, enhanced with the power to cleanse the mind, body, soul, and space; this set of 6 Essential Oil Diffuser Blends is a must-have for your spiritual and emotional well-being!


Ethically Sourced
Sustainably Made
Pure & Natural
Vegan & Cruelty Free

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