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Aromatan Specialty Ingredients: Incense Base


At Aromatan Cosmetics we have done deep research in the area of natural olfactive raw materials, how they dry, burn and blend together. What is most important for an incense manufacturer is how the mixture of these odoriferous ingredients absorbs fragrance oil and releases or diffuses fragrance into the air when ignited. After years of indepth research and experience we have released our signature base, Aromafume Sahal Incense Powder, and Aromafume Incense Base Tablets for soaking – an easy, hassle free, proven method of producing great incense.


Aromafume Base products are 100% IFRA and CITES compliant and certified.


Aromafume Sahal Incense Powder:

Aromafume Sahal Incense Powder (SBP) is a uniquely formulated natural blend of several olfactive raw materials. The key features of the base are an improved absorption of fragrance oil and superior blending creating a significantly better Incense product. After burning the mixture of SBP & fragrance a clean top note is released into the air. There is minor raw material combustion interference in the aroma. Additionally there is almost no after-burn once the fragrance component of the incense is diffused.


You will experience the following advantages when a mixture is burned:


1) Higher absorption of fragrance

2) Clean top note

3) No residual interference

4) Slower burn and improved diffusion of fragrance


Aromafume Incense Base Tablets (without perfume):

Incense making is a tedious and time consuming process. We have made the process easy by introducing a ready tablet that can be infused with your fragrance in addition to the above mentioned advantages of clean top note, slower burn, improved release and diffusion of fragrance.


1) Take desired quantity of Aromafume Incense Base and submerge completely in fragrance oil for upwards of 48 hours.

2) Allow absorption of perfume and to spread evenly throughout the piece of incense while submerged

3) Strain and save the residual perfume for future usage.

4) The incense can be burned or packed as you so desire.


Note: Please don't dry or strain in the direct sun, to avoid loss of fragrance. Avoid using any packaging materials that may absorb perfume.

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